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We have developed an app which enables retailers to increase loyalty by 





their most valuable customers

Next Generation Loyalty


In the past, retailers knew their frequent customers personally and their loyalty was reciprocated.
Many regular shoppers are still reached out to through loyalty programs, but today loyalty schemes are effectively just financial incentives. 

We want to bring true loyalty back, which can only be achieved through engagement.

Engagem provides the platform which will allow retailers to do so.
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According to the Pareto principle, roughly 80% of sales come from the top 20% of customers. 

This indicates that if the top 20% of customers bought an average of 1 more item per visit, then the contribution to the retailer’s bottom line would be a 4-5% uplift in profits. 

It is vital that retailers actively sell to these customers, showing them how important they are and how much their loyalty is valued.


Personal Shopping

In order to make VIPs feel important, we have created an environment for a digital personal experience, which will give loyal customers access to personal shopping from their mobile devices. 

The chat function connects the customer to their personal shopper who will be able to advise and inform them, reserve and prepare items for them to try on, schedule appointments and invite them to exclusive events.

Furthermore, the app will automatically tailor lookbooks based on the users preferences and purchase history. 


The key features of the app by Engagem are

Curating catalogues

Engaging in conversations

Making appointments

Soliciting feedback, reviews and suggestions  

Easy in-app purchasing

Exclusive event invitations
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